MEN 4 HEART Project | Research Study

Motivational Encouragement Networks for Healthy Eating Activity Rest Together (MEN4HEART) is a way to promote healthy behaviors among older Black men.  Funding from a grant, allows Dr. Larrell Wilkinson to offer health coaching to older Black men (ages 40 – 75) who are overweight or obese and have a desire to become healthier.  In addition, this grant facilitates the leadership of health advisors within male groups and peer-to-peer cohesion to support overall health among men.  This program aims to:

  • Promote a more active lifestyle among Black men
  • Promote a healthier diet among Black men
  • Promote stress management and resting among Black men

Certified by The Cooper Institute, Dr. Wilkinson’s health coaching approach embraces a philosophy of placing the individual first and weight management second.  This means, in order to help someone, he must first know who they are and what is important to them.  Then he helps the individual focus on solutions that are appropriate to that individual.  The hope of the MEN4HEART Program is to unite African American men in solidarity to help one another improve their health, improve their quality of life, and take the lead on health issues in their families. This project is currently being conducted but is closed to enrollees.

The Research Supplement to Promote Diversity in Health-Related Research is an effort to use secondary data to: 1) Characterize racial differences in CVD incidence, CVD prevalence and CVD-related factors by age in a sample of older Americans, and 2) Identify determinants of first CVD event and CVD mortality by race. The project is on-going.

Healthy Eating Activity Rest Together (HEART) Matters was a program funded by a grant allowing for Dr. Larrell Wilkinson to offer individual health coaching to Black men who are overweight or obese and have a desire to become healthier. This program aimed to: 1) Promote a more active lifestyle among Black men, 2) Promote a healthier diet among Black men, and 3) Promote stress management and resting among Black men. The program started in May of 2015 and ended in the Summer of 2017.

Perspectives & Needs of Local High School Stakeholder: A Community-Based Integrative Methods Assessment of Family-School-Community Engagement was a project funded by a small grant to 1) Develop a comprehensive assessment strategy using empirical literature and collaborative stakeholder input, 2) Develop a model for improved family engagement and community partnerships at the high school level which will be used to inform the development of targeted interventions and programs, and 3) Develop an intervention strategy by integrating results from the comprehensive assessment.

Publicly Available Manuscripts

The Association of Emotional and Physical Reactions to Perceived Discrimination with Depressive Symptoms Among African American Men in the Southeast

The Role of Perceived Discrimination in Obesity Among African Americans

An Examination of Lower Extremity Function and its Correlates in Older African American and White Men

Psychological Distress and Health Insurance Coverage among Formerly Incarcerated Young Adults in the United States

Physical Fitness and Depressive Symptoms during Army Basic Combat Training

HIV Testing Among Deep South Residents With Serious Psychological Distress

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